PolyPay: Four Years On

PolyPay has been fortunate enough to be embraced by our customers, whether they are in San Luis Obispo or throughout the United States.

With each customer that we added, we honed our skills and our capability to assess their needs and provide them with the right services, at a competitive price.  

We started out on this journey four-and-a-half years ago and our first logo reflected what we wanted to achieve. It was a serious, structured logo that represented strength and facets - the many options that we wanted to offer our customers.

As we partnered with different providers, listened to feedback from our customers and grew into our identity, we changed how we operated. We became more adept - we were more flexible to our customers needs, provided a dynamic response when called upon and made sure that we were always proactively looking out for our customers and the well-being of their business.  

Four years later, we looked back at our logo and decided that it needed to reflect the strides we have made in our capabilities, as well as our offerings. Our customer base has grown significantly and we have grown along with it.  

The "P" in our logo represents the core of our company, our fantastic employees and the skills and integrity that they bring to work each day. Recent feedback from customers only furthers this point, with phrases such as "helpful", "active", "great people" and most of all, "trustworthy."

We as a company are nothing without our customers.  The outer hex of our logo reflects that they are the main part of the strength and foundation of our company.  

But, the "P" of the logo and the hex around it both have openings - this is a relationship that travels back and forth. We provide the best service for our customers and will continue to do so. Our customers provide us feedback that will in turn allow us to strengthen our skills and offerings.

We believe that our new logo reflects this extremely important relationship and we are excited for the road ahead.  

Thank you to our customers for allowing us to grow, learn and above all, serve you. 

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