French Hospital - Celebration of Caring Gala 2016

PolyPay recently took a part in the Celebration of Caring Gala organized by the French Hospital here in San Luis Obispo to help raise money for the Breast Cancer Prevention Fund and the hospital's new Copeland Health Education Pavilion. Through a number of sponsors and donors, French Hospital was able to successfully raise over $400,000 benefiting those causes.

This was PolyPay's third year as a sponsor for the French Hospital's annual Caring Gala event and we are grateful for the opportunity to give back to our local community. We are also a proud 'Call to Action Video' sponsor for the short video that French Hospital created. This video highlights the importance of breast cancer awareness and the hospital's Breast Cancer Prevention Fund that has helped hundreds of women to receive life-saving services.


You can view the video we sponsored here:

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