Who We Are

Merchant processing is an industry that is rife with deception, double talk and a revenue flow that is focused solely on the processing services provider and not the merchant. PolyPay’s founder, Jamie Barlett, was fortunate to obtain many years of experience in the finance, legal, human resources and technology industries before she started PolyPay in 2013. She witnessed the stress of companies and business owners who had to focus on their day to day operations with sales, employees and inventory. They did not have the time to oversee merchant processing concerns which left them exposed to the manipulation by their merchant processor. When they finally were able to review their expenses, months had gone by and they were left exposed to additional fees, faulty equipment and terrible customer service and support.

Jamie considered other locations for opening her business, including San Francisco and Los Angeles, places where she has worked for many years. She decided to open up PolyPay in her adopted hometown of San Luis Obispo. This pushed her to set up the company for success in the best way possible. In a town of this size, whether you provide good or bad support, the feedback spreads quickly. It ensures that you deliver a solid product and service with support, or you will not be in business for long.

Four years on we are enjoying being a part of the fabric of San Luis Obispo. We are proud to call many businesses here as customers, in the city and throughout San Luis Obispo county. Through word of mouth we have spread our footprint to include merchants from states all across the US. We are proud to be a woman-owned business with employees who have a diverse of a background in a variety of different industries and skill sets, all of which can benefit our customers. Our goal is to take the pressure off the business owner so that they can focus on running their business. We provide dynamic pricing tailored to the specific business you are in. We assess your business needs and create a proposal that will serve your business best, along with suggestions on hardware that will support you in taking payments from your customers.

We partner with you and are actively involved in your success. We provide training and support, statement education, software, pricing and industry updates and are available when you need answers.

Experience the difference with PolyPay – comprehensive processing solutions you can trust.

Jamie C. Barlett