Take comfort in knowing that your processing solution will always be backed by a dedicated support team who is there to ensure your ongoing business success.


+ Account Support

Our US-based customer support team is committed to answering all your questions in a comprehensive and timely manner. We take pride in our transparency so that you feel comfortable with the fine details of your account. A few items we will assist with include chargebacks, fees, deposits, and tax information, among others. We are also happy to complete a full statement review to help you understand what rates and fees you are paying, and why.

+ Terminal and Gateway Support

A dedicated terminal support team will be at your disposal when an issue arises. Whether your terminal has a connectivity error or you are having trouble closing last night’s batch, our 24/7/365 terminal support team will be ready to help. Don’t wait hours for someone to get back to you – solve terminal issues on the spot when you need it.

+ PCI Compliance Support

PCI compliance can be an overwhelming process, but our dedicated PCI support team will assist you in becoming compliant without hassle. Ensure that you are taking the right measures to protect your customer’s cardholder information through our easy-to-navigate PCI portal with our support team standing by.