In March of 2019, we are formally launching our official Referral Program. After much research and feedback from interested parties, we feel that we have finally organized and developed a program that will provide value to future customers while offering a significant revenue sharing opportunity to individuals who would like to benefit from their expertise and connections in a variety of industries.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for the Referral Program?

If you are an individual who has knowledge of a certain industry (for example, retail) and you have connections with businesses in that industry, people who own businesses in that industry or have contacts who work with business owners in that industry, you would benefit from being a part of our Referral Program.

Flexibility and Revenue Share

We offer a variety of different ways to participate in our Referral Program. If you are working full time but would like to benefit from contacts you have made, we have a program for you. If you would like to make this a main source of revenue for yourself, we have a program for you. You have the ability to decide what program will work best for you. We have individuals who refer business to us frequently, as well as those who reach out to us only when a connection is made. We will work with you to find a mutually agreeable opportunity to participate. If you provide us with a potential merchant in a consistent manner and we successfully make them a part of PolyPay, you have the opportunity to receive ongoing revenue share on a monthly basis, for as long as we have the customer.

Learning About the Merchant Processing Industry

What if you have connections in an industry but do not have much knowledge on Merchant Processing? We have designed a training program that will provide you with just the right amount of knowledge to start up a conversation with a potential merchant. We will share information on the industry on an ongoing basis if you are a participant in the Referral Program. We are available by email and phone call if you have questions about an opportunity or you feel you need more education and training.

Once you connect us with a potential customer, we are happy to take the conversation over from there. You have no need to remain in constant contact with the potential customer. It is our job to work with the merchant and determine if we can provide them with savings, support and a solid processing solution.


Want to learn more about our Referral Program?

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