Referral Program Debuts in 2019


PolyPay is proud to announce the launch of its new Referral Program for 2019. We worked with several interested parties in 2018 and based on their feedback, we have developed a completely new program that is more dynamic and individual-facing.

Several participants in our first program in 2018 provided us with referrals, feedback and dialogue that assisted us in shaping this program that we are launching today. After multiple conversations, documentation reviews and iterations of feedback with current and new program participants, we are very confident with the level of education, support and documentation that we can provide.

A successful referral program should be engaging to the participant. The participant should want to be a part of this program because of the opportunity to learn more about our industry, to share their expertise in a variety of businesses and to benefit financially from making connections with PolyPay to other businesses.

We would like to be clear that this is not your typical referral program: a program that is one-sided, where we take in your referrals, handle them our own way and provide you with an update on a sporadic basis. You will have a far different experience with PolyPay. We love our business and we love our industry. We want to impart knowledge about it to others who are interested in learning more, who have a connection to our company and its employees and believe in what we do as much as we do. The individuals who will be interested in supporting our program will echo our sentiment of providing the best support and oversight that we strive to provide every day.

If you are interested in learning more about PolyPay, the value and service we provide and those who are champions for our business, feel confident in contacting us. We have an in-depth Referral Program that will give you a view into how we operate with responsibility and ethics and how we honor the businesses we support. You can be assured that we will perform to your highest expectations.

To learn more, please visit our Referral Program page by selecting the associated link at the top of our website.