SLO WiffleFest

The annual WiffleFest was a huge success raising $45,000!

PolyPay was a proud Field Club sponsor for this year's WiffleFest in San Luis Obispo on August 12.

WiffleFest is a charity wiffleball event organized by the SandLot Group, a local entity that supports local non-profit organizations that focus on sports and health for the community youth in San Luis Obispo.  

Be sure to take a moment to check out all the great work they do:

The WiffleFest is in its sixth year and broke its own best fundraising record with over $40,000 in donations at the event this year.

Some of the local non-profit organizations that will benefit from these funds include Jack's Helping Hand, the YMCA and San Luis Obispo Youth Baseball.  

PolyPay's own Vice President of Sales, Ross Sprague, joined in the fun that day and played his own part in scoring some runs for his team, dusting off those college baseball team moves.

We are proud to be a part of the community of San Luis Obispo and look forward to participating next year.