When Is It Time to Break Up?

Broken Heart.png

You are having second thoughts about your relationship. It’s not what you expected. You had an agreement. You made promises. Maybe even vows. Communication was so great in the beginning. They were always at the other end of the phone with you. The numbers looked so good. The savings were going to be amazing! You two were going to partner and take on the world together. This was going to be an epic love story.

Or so you thought.

Then reality set in. Strange numbers started to roll onto your statements. The calls went to voicemail. Hardware wasn’t working the way you thought it would. You had vouched for them.  You had mentioned them to friends. The savings started to evaporate. 

You had been taken advantage of.

PolyPay comes across many of these disgruntled relationships every day. We understand you want to switch but you may feel you cannot. What if there is a contract? What about early termination fees? It took so long to switch to your current provider. You just don’t want to go through that effort again.

We are here to be your long-term relationship. We want to empower you as a business owner. Imposing fees without your knowledge? Not how we operate. Support hard to get a hold of? Not how we operate. No education about your account or your statements? Not how we operate.

We are here to help you. You have enough to handle with owning, managing and running a business, employees, payroll and everything else that comes with those responsibilities. We have the knowledge and resources to aid you in making the best decisions for your business. Need mobile processing? We have multiple solutions with a variety of capabilities. Need us to integrate with your current point-of-sale (POS) system? We have in depth knowledge and experience across a wide variety of software platforms. 

We do not believe in tag-lines like “We have one flat rate!” or “Get free equipment when signing up!”. You will find the flat rate fluctuates with other providers. Equipment is eventually paid for, by YOU, through increases in fees and padded costs. 

Reputation is everything to us at PolyPay. We believe in customer education, transparency in pricing and customer support that is available when YOU need it. We want you to understand the steps involved with switching, what rates we plan to offer you and the time frame that we can make it happen in. We do not overestimate our savings. We share our projections, our timeline and our goals with you. The power of information will drive these important decisions – YOUR important decisions - that will affect how you operate and YOUR bottom line. 

Do not be afraid of being held hostage by your current processing provider. Give us a call.  What do you want to know about us? We are here to stay and we look forward to building a fantastic relationship. We promise to make it worth it to you.