The Try-Athlete

Written by Jamie Barlett


This is an ugly business.  I am fortunate enough to have been able to learn this business from the top down.  I have seen the extent to which a man or a woman will go to close a deal.  And for what: Ill-gotten gains under promises that will never materialize for the customer.  At the end of the day, there is the wreckage of lies, lost funds and the bitter taste of disappointment on the tongue of the customer.

I have been in the business a few years.  I am fortunate (and unfortunate) to have had several people cross my path: salesmen, IT professionals, management professionals, people from all walks of life.  They promise one thing, deliver another, tell you a story, confuse you and then they move on. 

Then, after a conveyor belt of people in business, you may be fortunate enough to encounter someone I call “The Try-Athlete.” 

Do not be mistaken; I am not as clever as I might seem.  He actually is a true tri-athlete: he is charming, engaging, intelligent, numbers-focused and gifted with an athletic ability. 

But what shines through the most is something you cannot make up.  You cannot hype it, you cannot pretend it, you cannot put it on your CV and hope that no one asks about it.  He tries every day to provide service, support and knowledge to our customers.  He is never anything other than what you see in front of you.  There are no stupid questions, there are no requests he will not attempt to handle himself before engaging others.

He often jokes that his truck has become the service vehicle for our business: a white steed, capable of traveling hundreds of miles to customers. Equipped with Bluetooth, customer documentation, power sources and even CAT 5 cables if needed to install for a customer in the most remote of locations.

He puts customers at ease. He answers questions even most sales agents would scoff at.  You know why?  He knows the value of a relationship.  He knows that going the distance at the beginning will not only get you to the finish line, but many years beyond what you would expect.  There may be conversion costs, inconvenient calls and random requests but he is there when you need him.  He knows that if he provides you with the support that you need, you will stay with us.  You will believe in us.  And you will suggest us to your closest friends and family that own businesses.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself a Try-Athlete, hang on to him or her.  Empower them to bring all that good business your way.  Make sure that you are worthy of the business that trusts you. 

But if you are still not lucky enough to know this Try-Athlete, say hello to Ross Sprague – our Vice President of Sales and Try-Athlete in Residence.

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Jamie Barlett