The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Information

Written by Jamie Barlett

The Good small.jpg

The best part of working in the Merchant Processing industry is interacting with customers and learning more about their businesses: how they started it, who they partnered with, what problem they were trying to solve and how the business has changed and evolved over the years.  My understanding of business operations has grown immensely from connecting with our customers.

Here at PolyPay, we take the time to review statements, understand how customers take payments, where and how they do business and if their needs are currently being met.  PolyPay has an excellent reputation and we provide our services, support and savings to customers each day.  We know we can make a significant difference in pricing and experience for our potential customers.

When our team meets with a potential customer to share our findings on their statements and propose savings and solutions, we see a myriad of reactions across the table.  Sometimes there is jubilation – a sense of freedom from this burden that they have been working with for so long.  Sometimes the look is quizzical – as if for a few more moments they are deeper in confusion than before, until we clarify additional points.  There is stoicism – they are working through this annoying issue that has been a roadblock and just want to make a switch to check this item off their list.  Far less often, there is the disappointed and somewhat bitter face; sometimes the merchant has a hard time understanding how much they have been taken advantage of and for so long. 

We completely understand the many faces we see across the table.  We understand what you are experiencing and why.  We are here to take you out of this negative cycle and provide you with the service, savings and support that you have deserved for so very long. Let us be the Good, in your experience of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Jamie Barlett