Going Above and Beyond Every Day

Written by Jamie Barlett


My parents etched these words into my mind growing up: “Anyone can look good when things are going well. It’s when things get difficult that your true nature and reputation show.”

These words echoed in my mind over the past two weeks. At the beginning of that time period, our team received a notice from a major hardware provider of terminals for our customers that their credit card machines would become inoperable within two weeks if critical updates were not completed. We received handouts to pass on to customers that would walk them through how to make these changes on their own.

What I am most proud about our team at PolyPay is that our customers come first always. Immediately and without any suggestion, our team went into action to figure out a way to connect with each customer who would be affected, as quickly as possible and in person. Our senior team was in Denver to visit with customers, potential customers and Referral Partners when we received notification about this major software issue. While coordinating, attending and completing follow ups for our current meetings in Denver, our team was also putting together an action plan on how and when to make sure our customers’ terminals were up-to-date.

Over the next ten days the PolyPay team personally visited dozens of customers over the span of hundreds of miles, making updates to terminals in person, answering questions in person and being there for them in person.

I can guarantee that PolyPay is one of, if not the only, provider in this industry that would go to these lengths in order to honor the promise of support we provide for our customers.

This is not an anomaly. This is how we operate every day. Connect with us today and experience this difference at PolyPay. Every day.

Jamie Barlett