Serving Up Support

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The Food Service Industry is one of the toughest businesses to be in. From cleaning up tables, to remaking food orders for unhappy customers and scheduling (then cancelling, and then re-scheduling) reservations, people working in this industry deal with some difficult and challenging circumstances.

A major component of any restaurant is their point-of-sale (POS) system. It handles anything and everything that can happen, including taking orders, table mapping and scheduling employees. It is crucial that a restaurant selects a POS that can handle the daily operations that are unique to that business.

Why are we bringing this up? Restaurant owners, like any other business owners, deserve help.

Too often PolyPay comes across a restaurant that is frustrated with their current POS system. Sometimes it is related to a missing, necessary feature like EMV chip card acceptance to help prevent against chargebacks. Other times a manager cannot get a hold of anyone for help with a refund on a transaction or a deposit issue. A restaurant’s perception of any POS is almost always tied to two things: support and pricing.

If a restaurant calls in to their POS support line at 8:00pm, they should be able to reach someone in the same amount of time if they had called at 3:00pm. All businesses have different hours and needs, but all deserve equal access to responsive service and support.

They also should not have to pay hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars per month for a system that does not give them the opportunity to choose their payment processor. Instead, POS companies set them up with the “included and preferred” processing option that comes at a set, non-negotiable price. Usually this is marked up quite a bit compared to other third-party processing options available - like PolyPay.

PolyPay has reviewed hundreds of POS systems on the market and has compiled an extensive list of options we consider to be best tailored for full service and quick service restaurants when it comes to features and pricing. Whatever capabilities, look and feel your business requires, we can make a recommendation and help you with the selection and set up.

Allow us at PolyPay to serve you while you focus on serving your customers.